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We offer good quality CCTV Inspection Surveys. We can carry out colour surveys from pipes ranging from 50mm to 1000mm. Our camera CCTV equipment and software is fully owned direct by us. From our experience over 15 years we have found customers are being over charged due to other drainage companies which hire their CCTV equipment and charge the customer extra.

CCTV Surveys comes with DVD Format and Printed Reports

We offer CCTV Inspection Surveys at affordable price. On completion of all CCTV Surveys our office surveying team with produce you with a booklet including DVD format, photo evidence of all defects. A full clear printed report and a quotation of any remedial work in which need to be taken place to prevent any future problems in or around your drainage system. We have found over the years of clearing drains a CCTV Inspection would be necessary in some circumstances.

CCTV Surveys are clear and identify potential problems in Drains and Pipes around London

If you get a blockage and the drainage is close to trees we would recommend a survey as the cause of blockage may be due to mass root infestation in which need to be cut to prevent a re-occurrence. If you work in a office block it is often the main soil stacks in which discharges all urinals and toilets may be heavily scaled in which needs to be fully de-scaled to prevent further blockages. If you work in construction, restoration projects, new builds it may be necessary to have a CCTV drainage survey for the clients approval and building inspectors pass. Jet and Drain has built its reputation on success of making you the customer happy and accepting no less than the best professional service around.

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